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Recovery for All

For months, nearly 19,000 small business owners waited to submit applications to the Pure Michigan Small Business Relief Initiative. For many, this was a last chance to keep their business afloat. It took only seconds for requests to exceed available funds when applications opened on Dec. 15. The $10 million in funding secured through the CARES Act could only provide 650 of the 18,700 applicants the program’s maximum $15,000 grant. 

Funding Michigan's Future

We can make high-impact investments through public spending that return $1.3+ on the dollar invested, drive broad prosperity, and set us up for the kind of future we want to live in. And we can afford to do it. The narrative that there just isn't enough money to invest in our people, our communities--no funding available to implement our best ideas or build toward our vision for the future. That simply isn't true.

The American Rescue Plan Opportunity

The American Rescue Plan presents an incredible opportunity to begin reversing decades of disinvestment in communities across the country. Strategic investments in education and infrastructure, for example, are critical in order to meet our generation's greatest challenges--from a rapidly evolving economy, to inequality, to climate change.

Funding Michigan's Future: A History of Disinvestment in Michigan Communities & a Different Path Forward.

After decades of economic policy that doesn't work for Michigan, there's a new course being charted with the promise of public investment and limitless possibility.

ARPA_IIJA Municipal Field Guide

An overview of federal funding available to Michigan communities, along with a listing of additional resources and insights for local leaders across the state.