Funding Michigan's Future

Revenue options to fund our future.

Economic policy in states across America has driven disinvestment in our people and our communities. The legislative agenda in Michigan over the last few decades is a prime example. As a result, Michigan communities are struggling, median incomes are falling, and outcomes in infrastructure and education are trailing behind the nation. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

We can make high-impact investments through public spending that return $1.3+ on the dollar invested, drive broad prosperity, and set us up for the kind of future we want to live in. And we can afford to do it. 

The narrative that there just isn't enough money to invest in our people, our communities--no funding available to implement our best ideas or build toward our vision for the future. That simply isn't true.

In fact there are countless options to raise more revenue to fund our dreams. And many of those options actually improve the economy in the process, make Michigan's tax system less regressive, and shift economic policy from one of corporate tax cuts with bad returns for high-impact public spending that can quite literally pave the way to Michigan's future. 

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